Cornerstone Youth Home

– Established April 2021 –


Breaking the cycle of generational homelessness

Cornerstone Youth Home is a community-driven solution serving students, ages 6 through 13, who are experiencing homelessness and transience. We provide long-term, stable housing to the children while working with their families to resolve issues surrounding education, employment, health, and housing, Increasing a student’s capacity for life-long educational success by disrupting the cycle of homelessness and transience in a safe, stable, restorative practice home environment. On average, there are 350+ self-identified students who experience housing instability during a school year just in York City School District (YCSD). Typically, 2nd and 3rd grade children experience the highest concentration.

About Cornerstone Youth Home

Pillars of Impact


York County students have experienced housing instability for decades. Community leaders and educators recognized the problem, tried to address root issues, and understand the negative impact transiency has on education, health, employment, and housing. Unfortunately, almost 1,400 students within the county will experience homelessness in the next twelve months. Most of these students are located in just 5 of the 16 public school districts in York County. Displacement and uncertainty are the “norm” for too many of our students and their families and it impacts our entire community.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a student get into CYH? 

A family member will need to call and set up an appointment. There is an interview and orientation process. We are stabilizing the student AND strengthening the entire family. Families need to understand this is a program of growth for the entire family. If everyone understands the program and completes the application process, the student would have an opportunity to stay with us overnight and get to know the other students. Once everyone believes it is a “good fit”, we can begin the journey.  

How can I support the CYH Program? 

Approximately 25% of our funding comes from individual and private donations. We look to the community to help provide Sunday night dinners for our family gatherings and assistance in maintaining our residence facility. Qualified volunteers (passing all safety background checks and training) are needed in several areas: academic tutors, student mentors and family member resources, to name a few. If you would like to volunteer or raise funds for CYH with your organization, please contact us at

What is CYH's Focus 

We believe students and their families have the power to develop solutions to break the cycle of homelessness. CYH creates a long-term space of safety and stability for students to develop their academic skills, understand and build personal strengths while their family implements a professionally supported housing plan.

Why should a family work with CYH?

It is all about building trust relationships. Our job is proving to a family that they can trust us to provide a safe living situation for their student while they are working hard to create a stronger family foundation. That all takes time and patience. We absolutely believe 99.9% of families are doing the very best they can in the moment. They want the best for their children. We will work WITH them (not “for them” or “to them”) as they implement their personal path forward.

How does it work exactly?

Students stay at Cornerstone Youth Home Sunday night through Thursday night. They have their own bedroom and home environment with highly trained staff supervision. Families pick their students up from school on Fridays with a check-list of things to ask of the teacher so they remain connected. We make sure the student and family are safe over the weekend. We come back together Sunday evening for a family meal and workshop to reinforce strength and family skills. Students remain in their home schools for an entire school year. 

Where will the families be while the student stays at CYH?

We work with other programs and private organizations to help a family find long-term housing and/or programs they need. Collaborations across the community help all our efforts to be more efficient. It typically takes a family experiencing homelessness two years to gain stability once the crisis has been navigated. CYH becomes a way for the student, family and collaborating agencies to know there is one place we can all come together as the family moves forward. 


Cornerstone Youth Home
484-486 W. Market Street York, PA 17401

Phone: 717-318-5101

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