Family Advocacy

Family Advocacy 

What is Family Advocacy?

Family Advocacy is an intensive and comprehensive outreach program, for families referred by staff at the Crisis Nursery. When parents and guardians use the Crisis Nursery on a repeated basis, it indicates that their challenges cannot be resolved in the three days that their children are staying at the Crisis Nursery. 

Family Advocacy is intended to help families achieve and maintain stability through referrals to appropriate community resources, home visitation to monitor progress, and ongoing emotional support and encouragement.

The family advocate visits families in their homes to assess home circumstances and to link the family to other needed community resources. The family advocate serves families who use crisis-nursery services on an ongoing basis or with any family who uses the Lehman Center services Art Therapy and Parent Support Group who requests assistance. Our family advocate also accepts referrals from the community.

What services does the Family Advocate Provide?

Our Family Advocate collaborates with these families to provide increased, individualized support. She works with caregivers to understand the goals they have for their family and the myriad of obstacles they face. She then helps them find the community resources they need to provide a supportive environment for their children.  

For more information on our Family Advocacy program, please call 717-845-5771

Administrative Office

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