The Incredible Years

The Incredible Years Series (IYS) is a prevention and intervention program intended to enhance  children’s social and emotional competencies, and ultimately reduce behavior problems. The Incredible Years Series has been found to decrease harsh discipline practices, improve pro-active parenting skills and the parent-child relationship, enhance children’s academic and social competence, and decrease aggression. 

The parenting program is recommended by the American Psychological Association Task Force as meeting the stringent criteria for empirically supported mental health interventions for children with conduct problems. The Incredible Years series is an evidence-based intervention recognized through the Blueprints for Violence Prevention and SAMHSA model programs.

Join a dynamic community of parents and caregivers to...

  1. Learn new parenting skills
  2. Be supported as you practice these skills
  3. Grow your confidence and pride in yourself to be able to handle all the up’s and down’s of parenting.

                        **Free Dinner and Childcare. Transportation Assistance Available** 

Program Details: 

School Age Series:   For parents of children 3-11

Facilitated by:           Children's Aid Society-The Lehman Center

Place:                       Fawn Area Elementary School, 504 Main St., Fawn Grove, PA 17321

Meeting Date/Time:  February 6, 2024 - May 28, 2024 (18 week program) 

                                    4:00-6:30p.m. every Tuesday (Dinner served 4-4:30p.m.) 


Administrative Office

343 Lincoln Way West New Oxford PA 17350
Phone: 717-624-4461
Email: info@cassd.org



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